We deeply understand the challenges business leaders and their teams are confronted with, and having been there before we’ve reflected on the mistakes we’ve made. Our approach is practical, bottom-line driven, and tailored to the specific opportunity and business challenge. Together, we work with management to improve decision-making, develop collaborative ways of working, and identify more exciting opportunities for growth.
We create most value at key transition points in the evolution of a business – we walk the same path together as advisers, directors, and/or investors.


Non-directive: we don’t tell leaders what to do and we don’t do it for them. Our contribution is through constructive challenge, and guidance. We ask questions that matter, helping executives uncover blind spots or trigger insights, and then apply those insights to the business.


Directive in a defined role within the firm’s governance for a particular mission and timeframe. Appointed by the Board and/or the controlling shareholder. In regulated businesses, we have the added benefit of strong records as approved persons with major regulators such as FINMA, FCA, CSSF.


Committed to the business’ long term performance and value creation. Further to engagements as advisers or directors, we would be prepared to invest either directly, in association with employees and/or financial investors, or as part of our compensation.